Have you ever asked yourself…”Will this store locator software really work with my development platform?” Then you have come to the right place. Storemapper works on every platform that we have been introduced to, and provides users a dead simple Google mapping solution for brands Worldwide.

Our support desk regularly gets requests asking if we integrate with some of the most popular eCommerce and CMS platforms. To put that question to rest, below are just a few of the top platforms that either endorse us on their marketplace or that we fully integrate with regardless. If the term “Integration” scares you, it shouldn’t. Our integration is as simple as logging into your Storemapper account and copying a snippet of code into the page you choose to display your store locator map.

store locator software snippet

Read more about embedding our store locator software.

Just a short list of some of the top platforms our users build on, with some additional information on each. Please remember, if you don’t see your platform on the list below, or our store locator platform page, we still have you covered and certainly have a pile of users on your platform.

  1. Shopify Store Locator App
  2. Squarespace Store Locator
  3. BigCommerce Store Locator
  4. WordPress Store Locator Plugin
  5. Magento Store Locator Software
  6. Wix Store Locator
  7. Drupal Store Locator Software
  8. Lightspeed Store Locator App
  9. Joomla Store Locator
  10. OpenCart Store Locator Extension

Why install a Store Locator Software on your website?

If you are a producer of goods, and you want increased foot traffic to the dealer locations that carry your products, you want Storemapper. Maybe you have a multi-location business that has several auto dealerships, or 16 sandwich shops? Or, how about 10,000 convenience stores spread throughout 10 countries? Maybe you produce a niche product and want to drive consumers to the stores and stockists you supply?? All of these are perfect use cases for our Store Locator Software. Simply embed our code, upload stores, reach out to support when/if needed, & customize until your heart is content. Then sit back and watch traffic increase to the locations you count on to drive your business. Just one custom example of what your store locator pins could look like below.

store locator software custom pins

We have a robust knowledge base and exceptional support too, should you want help getting started.