Store Locator Widget for Wix

Install in minutes with no coding. Feature packed and customizable.

Wix Store Locator Widget

Storemapper is laser focused on making the best store locator on the market. It’s all we do. Our store locator for Wix sends customers directly from your Wix site to your storefront, or the physical stores that carry your products. It’s quick to install, easy to manage, big bang-for-your-buck technology right at your fingertips. All retailers should wield this simple but powerful tool to drive foot traffic.

The Storemapper Wix store locator is simple to launch on your Wix site, no matter the size of your company. There are alternate methods of uploading data so you can choose the method that makes the most sense for your business, whether you have 10 stores or a 1,000. Integrating the Storemapper Wix store locator into your website is simple and requires zero coding knowledge, just copy and paste a snippet of code into your target web page and reap the benefits immediately.

Once uploaded, your Storemapper Wix store locator will make data manipulation effortless. Some are already done for you, such as automatic detection of store duplicates. Some, such as setting a preference to feature certain locations, are just a few clicks away. If you have difficulty installing or using the Storemapper Wix store locator, send the support team an email or chat request and they’ll be happy to assist.

No bold colors in your Wix theme? No problem. Our Wix store locator is fully customizable to blend seamlessly into the look and feel of your website. According to Website Builder Expert, Wix offers the best design collection among drag-and-drop website builders. The Storemapper Wix store locator offers lots of preset options and the ability to modify the CSS in order to guarantee it will jive with your hand selected Wix design template.

Having a store locator on your Wix site not only enhances your customers’ experience on your website, but also functions as a key business analytics tool, generating targeted data that can be used to understand your growth potential and key customer demographics.

Sign up now for your 7-day free trial and have a store locator up and running on your Wix site today. Drive that traffic to the physical location of your products, storefront, or any multi-location business.