Widget initial loading and geolocation explained

Here is a quick video explaining how Storemapper initially loads the map.

1. If you select the setting “Ask for user location” , the first time someone visits your website they will be asked if we can use their location (from their browser or mobile device) to instantly determine the closest locations. During this time your initial map load screen, as determined by “start location” and “start zoom”  in Settings, will be shown to the users.

2. If they accept, closest locations are immediately shown to them. After that, they can still run a search using the search box.

3. If they do not allow geolocation, they simply use the store locator like normal.

4. On repeat visits (note this includes you, the site owner) their decision to agree to geolocation or not is remembered by the browser. If they previously agreed to geolocation, the initial map load screen is skipped and the closest locations are shown to them right away.

Note: you can turn off geolocation entirely under Settings.

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