Where is my embed code?

Once you have added your stores to your Storemapper database and adjusted your default settings appropriately, the next step is to add your store locator to your website. The steps and screenshot below explain exactly how to do this.

You only have to do this one time. Once you embed the store locator on your website, any changes you make in the dashboard (adding or removing stores, changing store details, changing settings, etc.) will appear on your website automatically.

From your dashboard, on the left hand menu click the “Installation” button.

In the pop-up, click “copy to clipboard”

 Now you’re ready to paste the code as plain HTML on any web page.

For further steps on how to embed the code on specific CMS platforms, please click here for a full list of our installation guides.

If you run into any difficulties or you have any questions regarding your embed code, please reach out at help@storemapper.com

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