Where do I put my online stores?

You might have both physical retail stores as well as online ecommerce stores that deliver to the same areas. A common question we get is “Can I put my online stores inside Storemapper” so that when a customer searches for “London” they see both the physical stores in London as well as online shops that would deliver to London.

We strongly discourage our customers from trying to put online shops inside their store locator. A store locator is now a very common “pattern” on the web and users (your customers) have specific expectations about how a store locator works.

Specifically, they expect that anything that pops up in a store locator is a location they can actually go to.

Trying to put online shops alongside the physical stores is at best confusing for customers. At worst, they end up getting in their car and trying to somehow go to the online stores (how frustrating for them).

We recommend simply adding any kind of text or HTML above or below your Storemapper with a general overview of which online stores deliver where. If you have tons of online stores, just put them on a separate page and link to it from your Storemapper page.

Hope that helps!

If you have further questions on this, don’t hesitate to email us at help@storemapper.co

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