Storemapper is not loading on Squarespace

Sometimes on your site you may observe the following behavior:  Storemapper loads fine if you  go straight to the URL where it’s located, but it doesn’t load when clicking the navigation link from elsewhere on the site and instead of a map you see the following text:

Most likely it’s caused by the AJAX loading enabled on your site theme. Storemapper needs page normal load which doesn’t happen during AJAX load, thus it doesn’t work. In order to resolve this, just disable AJAX from your theme settings.
Ajax is a feature in version 7.0 templates. Although version 7.1 doesn’t have Ajax loading, all version 7.1 sites are designed to optimize loading times.

Please find the following instructions on how to enable/disable AJAX on Squarespace:

If you have disabled AJAX and your map still shows the above message, do not hesitate to contact us at

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