See changes faster with development mode

Problem: You’re trying to customize your StoreMapper and it is taking forever for your changes to show up on your site.

Quick solution: Add “?storemapper-dev=true” to the end of your URL to put StoreMapper in development mode and see changes faster. So if you have installed StoreMapper on change the URL to

It can still take a while for changes to populate to all your customers, but you will be able to see you own changes right away while you are customizing your Settings.

Long Explanation: StoreMapper uses a content delivery network (or CDN) to ensure that your data loads quickly for tons of users all across the world. A CDN pushes copies of your data from our server to a global network of servers that sit between users and our server. When a user wants to view your StoreMapper, the request first pings the CDN. If the CDN has a fresh copy of your data, it serves it up. This is much faster than making the trip all the way our servers. However these “edge” servers in the CDN can take a while to update. Adding the ?storemapper-dev=true to your URL just tells your StoreMapper widget to bypass the CDN and hit our server directly, ensuring a fresh copy is retrieved.

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