Removing Duplicate locations

Sometimes you run a bulk upload a new CSV and realize… oh crap, you’ve got duplicates of almost all your stores.

Not a problem. Storemapper has some powerful de-duplication features. If you have our Premium plan, you won’t even notice this because Storemapper now automatically runs de-duplication after every import for all Premium accounts. Otherwise, just shoot us a message and the support team can help you undo a one-time mistake.

Our de-duplicator is not a cure all. It will match locations that have the exact same data for “name” and “address” fields as duplicates and delete all but one of them. If you upload a batch of duplicate stores, but the new upload has some new data in another field, the script will not be able to figure out which duplicate is new or old. In that case you will just need to run Delete All to remove all your stores and then re-upload the latest CSV.

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