Lat & Lng values formatting issues

If you are using google sync and located in non-US region, in some cases you may experience issue with lat\lng formatting. You may start worrying, when some of your stores are not displaying on the map, although have lat\lng defined.  To confirm you ran into formatting problem, try to manually fix the location. From your dashboard, locate problematic store and Click “Edit.” On the opened screen use the manual geocoder on the right side of the page to adjust the location. (for more details on how to edit locations read this link).

Then go to your google spreadsheet and if you see crazy values in Lat & Lng columns,  like on below screenshot, you’re having formatting issue.



Why is this happening?  When syncing,  Google Sheet tries to convert location data from your dashboard in correspondence to the regional formatting settings defined for the sheet. And when formats differ from storemapper (US) , under particular circumstances these conversions may lead to unexpected results, like the ones mentioned above.

What should you do? First of all, in your google sheet go to File -> Spreadsheet settings and change locale to United States.



Then select Lat & Lng columns and ensure their format is set to Automatic or Plain Text. If a number of impacted stores is not so big you may then manually fix their locations and see that google sheet will be automatically updated with the correct values, or else you may force storemapper to geocode locations once again. For doing that clear Lat\Lng\ID columns and run sync. This may take a while, but eventually you should see the list with fixed locations.

And that’s it, your problem is solved!

Do not hesitate to apply for help, using box,  if non of the mentioned instructions work for you.

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