How to use our new admin dashboard

You may have noticed we have updated our admin dashboard to improve our clients experience and give you a modern and user friendly dashboard.

If you are used to using our old interface, we are deprecating this entirely so you may find that the next time you login, you will automatically be sent to the new UI.

How to enable new interface

If you are still using our old dashboard, you will see the switcher to new dashboard. Click on it and tell us what you think.


So what’s new?

Fixed menu on the left to make it easier to access admin pages.

We got rid of the menu along the top and located everything you need to manage your account in one place – on the left hand side.

Re-organized the settings page to include everything you need to manage your store locator in one place

Everything you need to set up and customize your store locator sits in one place.


General tab – contains settings to help with your theme & layout, search radius and map behaviour (map start location, map zoom level, enable mobile responsiveness etc)


Appearance tab – here you can manage your map appearance by using our built-in features and also by adding your own custom CSS.
You will also be able to update your map colours – please click here for more info on what colours you can change

Map Provider tab 
– here you will choose between two map providers and you will need to add your API keys.
If you scroll down, you also have the option to use Snazzy maps to customize the default styling of your map


Customize Text tab – . You are able to assign custom text to store locator elements if you need to translate them to a different language. See here on how to add map translations

Email Notifications –  This is a new tab where you will be able to select what notifications you receive through to your inbox.

Integrations tab
is about all 3rd party services that are connected to your store locator account. At the moment we support Google Sheets and Facebook integration. From this tab you’ll be able to connect to them and manage integration settings. Worth keep in mind, that Google Sheets and Facebook integration will be available only for Premium and Corporate users unless you have selected them as an add-on for your current plan.

Improved billing page

Your invoices are now available under the “Accounts” page.

You can easily find what plan you are assigned to from the “plans & pricing” tab.

 Managing your stores data

To access your stores on our new UI , on the left menu click on Stores – > All Stores

  • To edit / delete a single store in your list, you need to hover on it with your mouse and you’ll see store edit/delete option.

  •  Add & Edit – Update your stores from one screen. Once saved, it will remain on this page and you will need to select “back to list”


Tell us what you think

We would love your feedback here on the Storemapper dashboard.  You can share your feedback by clicking on ‘Send us your ideas’ button and filling out a short form or reaching out via








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