How to reduce your Google maps usage

Storemapper works with the Google Maps Platform  to ensure your customers get the best possible map experience. Because that map is on your website, publicly available, and your customer uses it freely, you’ll have to have your own relationship with mapping provider (Google in this case). This involves the creation of an account with them and generating API key or token that is linked to your map and site.

If you want to learn more about how Storemapper is using Google Maps Platform and why you need to register your map with Google, please navigate to Your store locator Google Maps License explained.

Google offers you quite a generous map usage quota, which per our analysis is more than enough for 99% of our clients, however you may look into below tips on how to reduce your map usage.

1. Enable user geolocation feature

User geolocation feature will automatically display stores/locations based on your end-user location. This will reduce your usage of geocoding service, as the users would get their results without typing addresses in the search fields.

You can enable geolocation from your account settings.

2. Remove Storemapper from your home page

Google counts each map load, which happens every time the page with the map is loaded. Considering that the home page is the one that generates most traffic on your website, that may cost you some money. If you don’t have any specific reason for having the map on the home page you should consider moving your store locator to a dedicated page.

3. Disable Autocomplete feature

Google addresses suggestion feature ( which is displayed as a dropdown when your users type something in the search field ) is the most expensive maps service. You may reduce your map usage significantly if you disable it, while your users will still be able to search your locations on the map.

You can disable it from your account settings


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