How to know your map usage based on mapping provider


  1. Click on this link to login to your Mapbox account.
  2. You’ll land on your account dashboard and can find map usage on the right pane.

You can also check your map usage statistics. Scroll down and you’ll see two graphs.

  • Map views – counted each time a user lands on your locator page.
  • Ephemeral geocodes – counted each time a user ran search on your map widget.


  1. Go to API console
  2. Choose your project from the list of projects and click on one of the APIs: APIs you might be interested in :
    • Maps JavaScript API – renders your map. Each time user lands on your Storemapper page causes one call to this API.
    • Geocoding API – converts addresses into geographic coordinates (geocoding). In Storemapper geocoding happens each time when your map is loading and each time when a search is run.
    • Places API – can be used to automatically fill in the name and/or address of a place as you type. Each key press in the search field causes a call to Places API for getting predictions.
  3. Choose ‘Quotas’ tab and look at Map loads screen. 

That’s it! You can now check your map loads statistics.

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