How to add billing account to your Google project

As of June 11th, Google may start asking you to add Billing account and associate it with your Google API key.  Google needs this to start billing you in a timely manner in case your map usage goes over free quota and ensure that you don’t have a service interruption.

If you analysed your map usage and think, that you may go over a free quota it makes sense to set up a billing account.

  1. Ensure you’re logged in to your Google account and navigate here
  2. Press ‘Add billing account’
  3. In the opened form enter your business information and add a payment card to your account
  4. Return to your Google Console Dashboard , choose project  (1) and press on menu icon (2) .
  5. Click on ‘Billing‘ tab and on the right press ‘Link billing account’
  6. Ensure you choose earlier created billing account and press ‘SET ACCOUNT
  7. That’s it you’re done!

You may also want to set up budget and billing alerts, to be aware of your usage and avoid unexpected payments. Check this link on how to do that.

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