Getting invalid address error when searching

When you’re getting the error ‘You have entered an invalid address’ with every address you enter into the search field, you need to check whether your Google Maps API key configured correctly.


  1. Navigate to your Google Cloud Platform APIs & Services dashboard
  2. First let’s confirm we’re going to configure the same API key that is added to your account. On the left pane click on  ‘Credentials’

3. Ensure the key is the same as the one added under your Storemapper account here

4. Ok, now we need to add mandatory services to your API key to fix the issue. Click to ‘Dashboard’ on the left pane or navigate to this link

       5. Click on ‘ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES’

       6. In the opened window search for ‘Geocoding API’ and then click on found API

7. Click ‘ENABLE’ and you’ll return to the dashboard.


8. That’s it! You can now refresh your locator page and test if that worked.

If the issue still persists just let us know at and we’ll help you out.

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