Bouncing pin instead of the map

Sometimes you open your store locator page and get bouncing pin instead of the map widget.

First let’s pretend we are web developers and try to  investigate a problem a bit to get more information.


Open your store locator page in the browser and then press F12. It will open the frame in your browser (normally on the right, or at the bottom. ). Click on ‘Console’ in the opened frame.


‘Console’ is a place where browsers log information about what’s happening on the page. You can find info / warning / error messages there.  We’ll be hunting for error messages and they are normally colored in red.

Below is the list of error messages that may be related to bouncing pin problem. If you see any of them in your browser console, just try described resolution steps.


1. Google Maps JavaScript API error: ApiNotActivatedMapError 

Error Description: This error means that Google Maps API key you added under your Storemapper account is missing mandatory set up.

       Resolution Steps: 

1. Navigate to your Google Cloud Platform APIs & Services dashboard

   2. First let’s confirm we’re going to configure the same API key that is added to your         account. On the left pane click on  ‘Credentials’


3. Ensure the key is the same as the one added under your Storemapper account here

4. Ok, now we need to add mandatory services to your API key to fix the issue. Click to ‘Dashboard’ on the left pane or navigate to this link


 5. You need to ensure the following APIs are added to your Google Maps API Key:    Maps JavaScript API, Geocoding API, Geolocation API, Places API. In the opened window search for each mentioned API. Then click on found API

6. Click ‘ENABLE’ and you’ll return to the dashboard.


[ht_message mstyle=”info” title=”Important” show_icon=”” id=”” class=”” style=”” ]Repeat e-g steps for the following APIs: ‘Maps JavaScript API’, ‘Geocoding API’, ‘Geolocation API’, ‘Places API'[/ht_message]


2. Mapbox Error : No Token issue 


Error Description: This error means that you have selected Mapbox as a map provider in your account settings, but didn’t add mapbox token.

Resolution Steps: Follow steps from this article ( to add mapbox token.


If above didn’t help and you still have issue, reach out to us at

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