Adding Products to your Storemapper listings

Our new product feature allows you to import your products directly from Shopify, or manually add products to your stores should you be using a different CMS platform.

To import your products over from Shopify, simply go to your Product tab on your menu sidebar and click on “Sync Now” button to activate the Shopify Product Integration (see image below).

Note: Ensure the email used on Shopify is the same on Storemapper.


If you do not use Shopify, please select the “Add product” button and proceed to add your products.

The information required to be added

  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Price
  • Product Image URL
  • Call to Action button
  • Call to Action button destination URL


Once the product has been imported / added. Every store will show that product but you will need to go into that store and enable this product in order for it to show on your map.

Please note – this is currently a manual process (there is no option on the CSV just yet but it is something we are working on)

At the bottom of each store, you will see all added products. Please enable (the button will show blue)

One thing to note is there is NO save button and this will show as blocked out.

Don’t worry – this is actually how it is meant to work. Once enabled, your map will automatically be updated with the products and there is no need to press save!


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