Add different coloured pins to show different locations on your map

Do you have specific stores or brands that you want to stand out on your map? Now you can change the colour of specific location pins via your Storemapper dashboard or by bulk upload and Google drive sync. By changing specific colours for locations, it allows your customers to easily identify specific locations, brands or products.

It’s super simple to update your pins. To do so, simply follow these simple steps below –

To upload pins via your dashboard – 

  • Select All stores on the Left-hand panel
  • Select the store that you wish to have a different coloured marker

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see “Marker color”

Marker pin selection








  • Select colour via the dropdown or simply add in your specific #Hex colour
  • Don’t forget to save

You will now see your different locations are showing different colours on your map –

To update via your CSV / Google Drive Sync

Download your CSV on the left-hand side under all stores. If you are using Google sync, this will show as “drive sync”

Download CSV menu option

Once the CSV has opened, you will see the headers along row one. In order for your CSV/Google sync to import back over into your account properly, these headers needs to stay in the correct format. They can not be renamed or moved to a different order.

Column for adding the Hex CodeYou will see the column “color marker”. Here you will need to add the #Hex colour which you can get from the dashboard if you do not have it to hand. Please note, it does need to be the hex colour added into the column, adding a colour such as “blue” or “pink” will not change the pin successfully.

The next time your map loads, you will be able to see the different coloured pins for your locations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to

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