Weebly Store Locator App

Install in minutes with no coding. Feature packed and customizable.

Weebly Store Locator App

Storemapper only does one thing: Store locators. We’ve built the best Weebly store locator available on the market. It has all the features you need, functions flawlessly on Weebly sites, and will have shoppers finding your products, or your stores in no time. The Storemapper Weebly store locator is online technology working directly for your offline stores, guiding customers to your doors with absolutely no hassle and very little effort.

Storemapper is the perfect complement to your Weebly site. Whether you have one or a thousand stores, our Weebly store locator is certain to fit your needs. You don’t need to know how to code to install the Weebly Store Locator, simply create your free trial account, upload a snippet of code to your desired page, and see the benefits of your new store locator within minutes. Over 40 million business owners use Weebly to operate and manage their websites, online stores, and marketing campaigns. Weebly is popular due to its ease of use, even for complete beginners, and the Storemapper Weebly store locator is no exception. All store data uploaded into the store locator is fully transferable and easy to manage. For example, the category filter feature allows you to list stores by the specific set of products they carry. Storemapper provides clear, step-by-step documentation for installation, data management, and troubleshooting 24/7 on our support site as well as one-on-one communication with support staff via chat or email.

Attention designers! There is no need to jam an ill-fitting store locator map into your website. The Weebly store locator can be completely customized to beautifully meld with your site’s branding.

The Storemapper Weebly store locator is an invaluable resource for companies in all industries, generating user data that can be analyzed via our analytics suite to increase revenue. For example, you can easily take a look at user data within a specific date range to measure the success of a marketing campaign that took place during that time.

Take advantage of our 7-day free trial today to see just how easy using your Weebly store locator can be. You can even harness the power of social media and add a copy of your existing Weebly store locator to a tab on your Facebook page.