Storemapper: a Google Map Maker Alternative

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Google Map Maker was a Google service created to help users expand mapping information across cities and countries worldwide. It was a very popular tool, disabled in 2017 since Google added its features and functionalities into its new version of Google Maps. But, a gap was left between those services for those who used this tool to create custom maps. That is where Storemapper comes in, as a great Google Map Maker alternative for creating custom, multifunctional and efficient maps and store locators.

Try Storemapper, the top Google Map Maker alternative free with a 7-day trial.

store locator for website
store locator for website
store locator for website

Create your custom map and store locator within minutes

Mobile-friendly application

Storemapper offers an excellent mapping experience for mobile interfaces, and it is easily set up in just a few clicks.


Efficiently manage locations

Need to add or remove a new location on your map? With Storemapper, you can simply do that by uploading a CSV file or syncing your Google Drive account with the information you need to update.


Powerful analytics tool

Storemapper users can rely on a powerful analytics tool integrated with the application. See which stores are getting more traffic, plan potential expansions and optimize your store’s strategies.


Quick installation

Install a robust store location and mapping tool with just a few clicks on any platform or website. With no coding skills needed.


Fully customizable

Create a custom map that follows your branding guidelines and strategic needs. Explore templates and presets suggestions and edit map settings the way you want them to work.


High-quality customer support

Storemapper has the best customer support experience. The expert staff team is always available to help with anything – from installation issues to data exploration and analytics insights. 


Storemapper vs. Google Map Maker: A Comparison Between the Two Tools

Storemapper and Google Maps Maker may have some similarities, but they differ in some significant ways.

Firstly, Storemapper is an existing and frequently updated application that anyone can use on any website that needs a map location service. Google Maps Maker, as discussed before, is a disabled tool that was integrated into the Google Maps service.

On Google Maps Maker users could customize their maps, drawing roads, parks, geographic spaces, or any other relevant information about an existing place, helping Google update their mapping service. However, this fully customizable characteristic is not available today on Google Maps.

Storemapper, on the other hand, offers the possibility to customize anything on your map fully: from colors and branding information to filters and add data. And it is possible to do all that by using Google Maps as your mapping source – enjoying what Google has to offer in terms of data, but exploring all customization possibilities Storemapper has.

Furthermore, Storemapper is more than just a map solution. This application is a robust tool to help you create more efficient marketing and sales strategies to drive more people from your website to your physical places. That is why the tool offers features like analytics resources, social media integration, and data automation.




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Premium plan $59 Free


Themes & Layouts  
Easy installation  
Category filters  
Mobile Friendly  
Fully customizable
Analytics dashboard  
Manage locations  
White label version  
Data automation  
Social media integration  
Map preview  
Customizable search  

Customer Support



  Available and constantly updated Disabled and integrated on Google Maps

Accepted Platforms

  Fully integrated into any website or platform Embedded in any website or platform

See the difference for yourself with a free 7-day trial.

See Why Customers Prefer Storemapper

Businesses of all sizes are looking to quickly add location maps to their website to improve user experience and use this tool to make better business decisions. Here is why some customers prefer Storemapper:

Dmitri L. | Founder & Director


“Lots of map customization options, ease of synchronization with stores database. In a couple of cases when I had to contact customer support, the experience was outstanding.”



Gloria D. | Sales Manager


“Easy to set up, maintain, and get the job done!”



Vanessa D. | Digital Marketing Manager


“We sell to retail stores under several brand names. The stores may sometimes carry one or more brands – the beauty of this app is that I could use the filtering feature and assign the retailers to the brands. This is more than just an average app – it has a lot of differentiating values! The customer service has been personable and highly responsive.”



How to Start Using Storemapper on Your Website

it’s easy to add Storemapper to your website and bring visits to your store locations. Check out this video to learn how to install the tool and begin using it.