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Storemapper features

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Themes & layouts

Storemapper comes with a number of themes and layouts to help you better integrate it on your site. You can choose between built-in layouts or disable Storemapper styles and build your look and feel from scratch.

Search on top

Give your maps a unique look with tons of color schemes powered by Snazzy Maps

Top features

Easy installation

Install in minutes with a simple copy and paste of embed code into your page.

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Locations import & export

Add/update any number of locations in bulk, using a CSV file. No need to use templates or special formats, we’ll support your original files.

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Search by user location

Storemapper will detect user location and run an automatic search of the nearest locations upon map load.

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Google Sheets sync

Sync data directly to/from a Google Drive Sheet. Collaborate with your team, use formulas and sync without ever touching a CSV file.

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Fully customizable

Give your store locator a unique look using our built-in settings and presets. Storemapper is rendered as a simple HTML (not iframe) on your page, thus every element of it is accessible for customization using CSS/JS.

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Flexible search options

Users can search by any type of location ( zip, city, or address).

Category filters

Assign an unlimited number of categories to your locations and let your users filter search results by them.

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Search suggestions

Help your users speed up their searches and receive accurate results with the Google Autocomplete feature. When users start typing something in a search field they’ll get a drop-down list of suggestions.

Custom fields

Add open hours or any other specific information using custom fields. Text/HTML are supported.

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See which stores are getting the most traffic and route your inventory accordingly. Plan your expansions by viewing users are searching, but not finding a nearby location. Storemapper’s analytics turn your store locator into a critical business strategy tool.

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White label

Enjoy a white-labeled version of the map without Storemapper branding.

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Other features

Works globally

Our search supports worldwide locations.

Search form widget

Place a search form on any page of your site to help users search faster.

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Adjust location geodata

Manually edit location latitude and longitude from a simple edit window.

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Map preview

Not ready to go live with the locator yet? Preview your map from your account dashboard.

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Remove duplicates

Storemapper will automatically detect duplicates in your uploads and delete them.

Easily manage locations

Add, update, or delete locations with our simple dashboard.

Data automation

Sync your locations data from more than 500 e-Commerce platforms.

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Feature location

Control the order results appear in to prioritize certain locations.

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Facebook integration

Storemapper is able to create a tab on your Facebook page to display all of your locations directly to your Facebook fans.

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