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destini alternative

If you run an ecommerce or other retail business, you know how important it is for your customers to find you in person. To make their lives easier, it’s a great idea to use a store locator app. There are different options for this, like Storemapper. As an ideal Destini alternative, this store locator app is a powerful and helpful tool to add a mapping solution to your website. Users of platforms like Squarespace, Shopify, and WordPress love Storemapper, since it’s easy to use, fully customizable, and offers a fantastic cost-benefit.

Try the ideal Destini alternative for yourself with a free 7-day trial.

store locator for website
store locator for website
store locator for website
storemapper best destini alternative

A Resourceful Store Locator Tailored to Your Needs

Storemapper is the store locator tool every business owner needs. It’s simple to install and use, with no requirement of coding skills, and it has an entire pack of useful resources that make your mapping solution even more complete.

Check out some of the features
that come with Storemapper:

Responsive user interface

Storemapper is an excellent tool for any desktop or mobile device and performs well on any CMS or ecommerce platform.

Easily manage all your locations

Easily add, remove, or manage locations on your map using only one CSV file, or by syncing your Google Drive account to import all of your sheets. 

Install without coding

Add a store locator to your page by copying and pasting Storemapper’s code into your website. Installation instructions are straightforward and simple.

Customizable map view

Storemapper lets you fully customize your maps according to your needs and brand standards. You’ll always have a tailored mapping solution to adapt to your business requirements.

storemapper vs destini
Although offering the same kind of service, Storemapper and Destini are different tools in terms of service quality and features options.

To start, Storemapper offers a more transparent and detailed description of their signing plan options. With four different plans, from free to premium ($59), it’s possible to find a Storemapper service that fits your needs. Destini, on the other hand, only offers pricing details when you contact their sales representatives since the pricing can change according to the service provided.

Storemapper is also more explicit about the features you can find in their tool. This helps customers understand what to expect when signing up for a particular plan. The solution is more robust and complete, offering services that go from full mapping view customizations to custom fields and search suggestion additions. Destini’s store locator doesn’t provide much detail about their features, other than to let the user know, through information on their website, which retailers rely on their service.

Storemapper vs Destini

When it comes to platform compatibility, Storemapper performs better since it works with any HTML website or eCommerce platform. Destini is compatible with popular platforms like BigCommerce and Drupal, and you can also use an iFrame to show the map on other websites. But they don’t clarify if you can easily add it via code to other website types.

In the end, Storemapper offers a complete solution experience to all kinds of businesses and users, with the benefit of being a simple tool to use with robust performance.

Check out the chart below with a comparison of both tool’s features:




Free plan 7 days Not available
Basic/Micro plan $19 Not provided
Pro plan $29 Not provided
Premium plan $59 Not provided


Any HTML Website


Themes & layouts
Easy installation
Category filters
Location import & export in CSV files
Search suggestions
Search by user location
Add custom fields
Google Sheet sync
Analytics dashboard
Fully customizable
Flexible search options (zip, city, or address)
White label version
Supports worldwide locations
Manageable locations
Data automation
Adjust location geodata
Map preview
Facebook integration
Remove duplicates

Customer Support


See Why Customers Prefer Storemapper

Transforming online traffic into offline sales is one of the biggest challenges faced by business owners with both physical stores and a website to attract online visitors. But, with the help of a store locator, you can make your products and services findable online and share the exact location of where your customers can find them. This is where Storemapper comes in.

Read what customers are saying about Storemapper:

Louella L.


“The app is easy to set up and use. Very knowledgeable and friendly customer service.”

Marc C.


“A very good solution for using store maps on your website. Can’t imagine not having this on our site! It is easy to install, use, and manage. Customer support is very responsive.”

Nathan B.


“Ease of integration, plenty of help docs and videos, prompt and efficient support. Well designed, plenty of reference material and good integration options with a range of online services.”

Heather S.


“I love how easy it is to make updates with our store listings. Any time I’ve experienced issues getting new website links added, the customer support team resolves the issue quickly.”

How to Start Using Storemapper on any Website

Easily add Storemapper to your website and start driving visits to your locations. In this video, you’ll learn how to install the tool and start using it.

Simple, complete, and fully customizable. Storemapper is the tool you are looking for to boost your business performance. Enjoy all of Storemapper’s features in a seven-day free trial and help your customers easily find your offline locations!