It doesn’t matter what franchise business you’re in. If you’re not a technology company along with being a hotel company, a lodging company, a doggy day-care company, a food company, you’re not going to be in business long.

Robert Cresanti  /  International Franchise Association

The Storemapper store locator is one of the lowest effort, highest reward technologies you can employ for your business. It is an easy-to-use, searchable mapping tool stylishly displayed on your website so your customers can find you when they need you.

Mobile technology has got us all packing as many errands into our day as possible. People are squeezing in haircuts, oil changes, a workout, a car wash, and more into a lunch break. Efficiency in stringing together a bunch of unrelated tasks is crucial and location matters immensely. Services have to be available in the right place for that particular moment. Finding those locations quickly is just as important. Customers may prefer your brand, but they need to balance that brand loyalty with the demands of an ever changing, mobile lifestyle. Don’t let them substitute a competitor’s service just because they came across the competitor first. Give them the chance to find you in unfamiliar territory with our simple store locator tool.

Storemapper is easy to install on your site quickly, with no coding required, just copy and paste a snippet of code anywhere you like. There are several options for quickly uploading store location details and plenty of map customization options for color, size, icons, and more to ensure the map fits right in with your site’s branding. Perhaps most importantly, Storemapper collects all of the user search data and bundles it into a valuable analytics suite to help you understand your demand in geographic terms.

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Sports & Lifestyle

We sell mostly American Made Traditional Apparel and Accessories built for the Sporting Lifestyle. Storemapper provided an efficient, affordable way to list all of our brick-and-mortar partners across the nation. This allows our customer to easily find a store near them. The customization is extremely user-friendly, and allows for a plethora of information to be input for each location.

Taylor Watson – Over Under Clothing

Shoe Care

We have retail locations all over the world from distributors to wholesale. Storemapper helped us identify them and let our customers find them. It uses Google Maps, which everyone knows and understands, so the interface is easy to use for everyone. Over 100 locations with zero issues since day one, and the Storemapper crew has been helpful along the way as they have grown. The ability to download an Excel sheet and quickly update helps tremendously. We have nothing but good things to say about Storemapper and its ease of use.

Tyler Brucato – Angelus Shoe Polish

Aquatic Industry

Storemapper is one of the most commonly visited pages on our website. It allows our customers to quickly find where we sell our products, it’s an incentive for our resellers to be on our website, and it legitimizes our business to the outside world when they see our footprint in comparison to our competition.

Houman Nikmanesh – Bixpy LLC


We sell mainly to brick and mortar stores and we need to have visitors to our site find where to buy our products. Storemapper makes this easy.

Zack Tipton – Vinylize



Consumer Goods

Storemapper is the simplest tool we have found to enable our customers to find the retail locations nearest to them where they can find Holstee designs. Our wholesale stores love it because it helps our customers find them, our customers love it because they can easily shop our designs locally, and we love it because its a breeze to use and update.

Dave Radparvar – Holstee

Health & Beauty

Men’s Grooming

We use Storemapper to help our customers connect with retailers who carry Beardbrand products. This supports our retailers as well, ensuring they are highlighted as one of our partners. The map we have set up aligns well with our brand and design aesthetic and that’s very important to us. We’ve been able to go a step further to organize locations by product line, so our customers have a better visibility of what they can expect when they arrive in person.

Jenny – Beardbrand