Digital needs physical. Physical needs digital. Sure, the two can peacefully co-exist, but the power of combining the two is unassailable.

Susan Reda  /  STORES, National Retail Federation

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods may have blown our minds, but according to the National Retail Federation, similar acquisitions of physical stores buying digital companies and vice versa shouldn’t be so surprising moving forward. Shoppers blend their online and offline shopping into one fluid experience that is highly personal and situational for each customer. Amazon isn’t the only one banking on this fact. Albertson’s, Warby Parker, and Bonobos are also leveraging the power of a combined digital and physical presence.

No matter the size of your company, you never know when your online shopper is going to morph into your brick-and-mortar shopper and decide they need to see, touch, smell, or try-on your product. Even if you are primarily eCommerce, if you have your products in your own physical stores or selectively residing in larger retail operations, it is important to let your customers know. Digital sales collect valuable customer data; physical sales establish relationships and reduce the high cost of returns. Together, retail magic.

Enable customers to find your products as easily as possible with the fast and reliable, yet stylish and easy to use, store locator from Storemapper. Storemapper runs on any platform, from Shopify to WordPress (see all platform integrations). It is fully customizable to blend in with your site’s branding, offering a large selection of settings and the ability to alter the CSS directly. Data capture from customer searches provides insightful analytics and perhaps most importantly, it only takes minutes to get Storemapper up and running on your website with no coding required to install and bulk data upload for store location details.

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Bringing independent eyewear to likeminded stores and individuals was difficult enough, at least mapping our success wasn’t. Storemapper couldn’t have been easier!

Jordan Silver – Silver Lining Opticians

Health & Beauty

Fascinations currently has 15 locations across Arizona and Colorado with plans to expand across the United States. Each location has areas dedicated to sensual wellness, bath and body, cutting edge fashion apparel and a broad selection of lingerie. Having multiple locations we wanted a way for our website users to be able to easily find a store located near them. In addition to choosing Storemapper as our store locator platform we have also utilized their map analytics features to assist in future development and plans to expand and open new stores based on Storemapper’s heatmap showing high click rates across the nation!

Catherine Page – Fascinations –


Storemapper is great! We have tried a couple of other apps but found Storemapper easier to use with a user friendly interface. As we are primarily online, customers who want to view the jewelry in person can visit a stockist and be able to touch and feel the product before they purchase it. Great app!

Haydon – Fabuleux Vous Ltd

Weavers Supply & Tools

Adding Storemapper to our site was simple. It really helped when we got our product into JoAnn Fabric and Craft stores. We didn’t have inventory added to all JoAnn’s locations which there are hundreds of. Storemapper lets our customers search which locations stock our product closest to them. We are mostly an online store, but some prefer to see our product in person. When a customer is looking for a distributor near them, they can search Storemapper to see if we are stocked anywhere near them. Storemapper is affordable and easy to update when you need to add or remove a store. We would definitely recommend Storemapper.

Emily Fiks – Weave Got Maille


My brand is available online and in-store. When I migrated to Shopify, it was important to my stockists that I assured them that I encourage omni-channel retailing and that if someone wanted to browse my site, but buy in-store it was obvious that they could do so! Storemapper was a great solution as it’s clear and allows you to give lots of information about your stockists, including a link to their website and information on the type of store it is. Now both my wholesale and retail business are working well and Storemapper has helped in this process!

Aine Breen – Liwu Jewellery


Home Goods

FLOS is an omni-channel business with showrooms, brick and mortar stores in addition to selling online. Storemapper has given us the ability to not only easily update and manipulate the online data sheet but give priorities. The ease and customization are fantastic and a must for any omni-channel business.

Daniel – FLOS

Kid’s Goods

We have been so happy with Storemapper. It has been a vital tool for our customers AND retailers to help with the sale and purchase of our product.

Jamie Yetter – Covered Goods, Inc.


We use Storemapper to help our customers find hoist. We have a ‘find’ page on our website and also share the link often on our social media channels to make it convenient for our customers to locate a retailer nearest them.

Rachel – Hoist

Leisure & Outdoors


We use Storemapper on our ecommerce store, to help customers shopping online find out where our products are sold. It makes the user experience better online, because if a customer wants to go into a store to physically touch and feel our product they can find the nearest store to do that at. In this day and age where everyone wants things really quickly, it’s good to give the online customer a level of service and information so they can make purchasing decisions in places where they feel most comfortable, which could be online or in-store. Storemapper helps us drive traffic into our retail partners, which is good for them in the long run and helps sustain their business outside of just selling our brand.

Stephen – The Leisure Collective

Gift Shop

Storemapper is the essential solution of our problem “how fast and easy the customer can find the nearest location of our stores” as this tool instantly shows hundreds of them locating in a particular place. It provides very convenient search and filtering possibilities of stores’ locations. Storemapper simply integrates with Google Maps and smoothly technically adapts to our website showing really nice design. It is easy to use Storemapper with any smartphone. All those features helped us to increase the flow of customers to our stores and other locations where we sell our products. We are very satisfied with this tool and looking forward to implementing it into other businesses.

Simas – Gera Dovana