Great news! If you’re currently on a Corporate plan, you can now add as many users as you’d like to your Storemapper account. Previously, Corporate accounts only allowed one login that companies would have to share if they wanted multi-user access. But with the new Multiple Users feature, each new user you add will receive their own login credentials. Plus, the primary Admin user can determine page roles and permissions for every added account.


Within this new login structure, there are three tiers of permissions. The main user is the Admin, who gets access to all areas of the account. The next tier is for Editors, who get access to the entire account but cannot add or remove users. The last tier is the Guests tier, which allows access to all settings except billing and adding/removing users. This new addition to the Corporate plan allows for better workflow flexibility and greater capacity for teams to utilize Storemapper to the best of its abilities.

Add Users in Minutes

It’s easy to add your whole team to your Storemapper account. Simply head to your Account page on the left hand menu and click on the User Management tab. Once there, you can add the email address and the role permissions of the person you’re giving access to. From there, they’ll be able to log in and see your company’s Storemapper Dashboard. Done!


There are two ways you can access the new multiple user feature if you don’t have it yet. You can either upgrade to a Corporate account, or you can purchase the feature as an add-on to your current plan. The Multiple User feature can be purchased as an add-on with the Pro and Premium plans for an additional $99 per month.

Storemapper pricing plans

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