We’re looking to add a front-end developer to the team. Here’s what we are looking for:

Javascript Development

Storemapper is an embeddable store locator app. Customers use our app (on our website) to upload, clean and geocode their store location data and embed our code snippet to render a store locator on their site. We are looking for a developer to lead development and maintenance of the Storemapper embedded Javascript app.

This is third-party Javascript which loads and runs on our customers’ site. We are mostly using plain JS + jQuery, no fancy frameworks. You’ll need to think through “defensive” code since we don’t have control over the environment.

Obviously a big part of the app is working with the Google Maps JS API. Track new features and suggest how they can integrate into our app (examples street view, turn by turn directions…). Any previous experience with Google Maps is helpful.

The widget code could use a some refactoring for performance and clarity as well.

Responsive design

Our store locator is embedded on clients’ websites so it needs to look great. It is embedded as plain HTML so CSS on the client site, our default CSS and any custom user-specified CSS will all need to be juggled.

Defensive and clever CSS hacking is often required (including liberal use of !important). We are looking for improvements in the overall responsive design as well as creating some new themes (typography, color, map styles) and layout options.

We are looking for someone with a good eye for design and user experience to help continually improve the end result.


This is not a full-time position but we are otherwise very flexible on time requirements. We have a backlog of work to crank now through plus ongoing needs. We are an easy-going remote team using Asana and Slack to communicate and stay sane.

I’m the business owner and original developer of the product so you’ll always get sensible scopes with reasonable expectations.

To apply please send an email to tyler@storemapper.co with:

  • Your portfolio or personal website
  • Any examples of client work you can share
  • Your Github profile
  • Take a look at our demo on desktop and mobile. Send three suggestions for improving the design, user experience or recommendations that customers might like. Use whatever medium makes the most sense for you: screenshots, mockups, screencast, etc.